Paul Comingore

About Me

Paul Comingore was born in the state of Indiana. Paul's father was a military guy whose career required his family to move about a lot until Paul was in fifth grade, when they chose to settle down. When Paul and his family returned to Indiana, they lived in a little hamlet of around 900 people. This is where his father grew up in the early 1980s, and he stayed in that little village until he went to college.
Paul Comingore studied architecture at Ball State University. Paul eventually changed his major and shifted his focus to pursuing his interests in the business world before earning his degree.
Paul's work ethic stems from a life lesson he learned while working his way through college. His parents were always there to support him along the way, but more importantly, they understood that hard effort pays off, which taught Paul fundamental life values that he carried with him throughout his career.

Paul decided in 1994 that it was time to relocate to a place where the sun is constantly shining. He grabbed his keys, piled whatever he could into his car, and headed to Tampa, Florida. After landing in his new home, Paul began working at a local seafood restaurant to gain his bearings, and once established in, he knew Florida was where he would stay, and he has stayed in Tampa ever since.

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